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Aftermarket H.I.D.S.

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has anybody here ever considered an aftermarket h.i.d. conversion kit?
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Nice lights man,
How much di you pay for them. I have my neighbor selling me a conversion kit for 200 dollars. I had bought one from him for my old w202 c230k and they were fantastic... reliable like crazy and they looked great. Have had them on for three years and counting amazing!
Do you have bixenons on your car as well or this is just the conversion kit with the stock housing?
Well thats the thing, he can get any brand if you know what I mean for $200. Last I heard he was going to see if he could get me the lights that "are for my car" whatever that means. The last lights he gave me were actually the lights from the brand new acura RL at the time. He can also get aftermarket lights like the ones waveykat has on his car. I guess most lights would look great on my 05 ss with the clear lens. But I still like that look of the Bi xenons
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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