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Aftermarket Control Arms

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I'm asking questions and shopping around. My 2006 S430 Base w/ABC needs new control arms! I've decided to go with ALL LEMFORDER components but cannot seem to find the FRONT LOWER REARWARD CONTROL ARMS that would fit my car. Does anyone have any advice on who makes these for a Base model with Active Body Control? Outside of Lemforder, who do you trust?
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MB only, no one else does them, only upside is they last for a very long while ;)

Airmatic Cars use Anti Rollbar ABC Cars do not, so here's a cheap out ;) ....................

It is possible to use Lemfoerder Airmatic ones, carefully cut off the Anti Rollbar Pin, and fit a suitable metal cap over the top of it all, (Core Plug), but it's a lot of messing around and if it should go bad whilst still under warranty, you will not get a claim, because you have modified it ;)

You'd fail an MOT Test over here like that, that's why I cut 'em off and Cap them ;) Looks good then.

Not allowed modified Suspension Arms on our MOT's these days
Yeah, believe it or not, I sent off my Reg Doc to DVLA to tell them my SLK was now 5.0 litre and the new Engine Number ................

Turns out I now have no V5 Reg Doc, because I have to now supply them a Headed letter from a Garage (lol), or invoice, confirming Engine Number and cc before they will alter the Doc, so now I know why so many folks in UK never bother telling them / changing the Reg Doc .............

In this stupid Country it doesn't pay to do the right thing :(
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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