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Aftermarket Control Arms

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I'm asking questions and shopping around. My 2006 S430 Base w/ABC needs new control arms! I've decided to go with ALL LEMFORDER components but cannot seem to find the FRONT LOWER REARWARD CONTROL ARMS that would fit my car. Does anyone have any advice on who makes these for a Base model with Active Body Control? Outside of Lemforder, who do you trust?
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I have used AIRmatic LCA's on my ABC-equipped S600. They do fit. Turns out you don't need to bother with grinding off the anti-sway bar pins.

Note, though, that the angle is just slightly different from using the actual ABC LCA's. Probably not a huge difference, but I haven't done that particular head-to-head comparison (my car got the coil spring conversion almost four years ago).

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