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I tried installing an FM modulated CD changer because I'd like to keep the stock radio and have run into a problem with the antenna. The radio is a Becker Grand Prix 2000 w/ automatic antenna (no switch). After installation, the radio works and powers on, the CD changer powers on and scans for discs in changer then appears to start playing, but the antenna does not raise. If I were to disconnect power to the FM modulator (red & yellow wires), the antenna will raise so I believe all wiring is correct since power to the antenna still has to go through the FM modulator. What can be causing this to happen? Please provide as much input as you possibly can. I need the antenna to raise with the changer plugged in.


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Hello there, I don't know to much about your problem. I have a Becker 780 myself for my 90 300SL which I love because of it's good looks in that interieur.

I tried to hook up a FM modulated aux in which didn't sound to good. I then found out (through this forum) that Becker USA can fix a hardwired aux in to our radio's!

I sent my unit to the USA for that upgrade and a full refurbishment, and I tell you IT SOUNDS FANTASTIC!!!! You can find everything on their website.

Good luck and greetings

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