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After heavy rain, car was acting weird .

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It was all night heavy rain. In the morning I start the car and some weird things happening. In the dashboard showed up some lights included check engine light. Engine sounded OK but when I shut off the car, dashboard lights stayed on, headlights stayed on and the only way to shut it off was disconnect the battery.
Next morning when car dried, I start the car and everything seems OK. Only mirrors didn't close when I lock the car. The mirrors closed after I pressed the button on door.
I called to my mechanic and he said something is getting wet. He pointed some locations, seems like fuses locations, but the question is, if is it common in these cars and what most likely getting wet.
Thank you
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Hello. X164 are plagued with a faulty seals in the rear taillights. (Installation was wrong at the factory - reversed) Change both of them and you're good to go. Your rear-SAM module is the culprit in this case. GL.
Hello and thank you,
So it should be pretty simple. I'll just remove the rear lights and I believe there's gonna be some seals under. Should I swap them, the right one for left one and the left one for right one?
And where exactly is the SAM module? Will I see it when I take off the lights? Which one is it under?
Thank you

No. Don't swap them as that'll do nothing. Once you remove both taillights, you'll have to, replace both seals with new ones, correctly.

Your rearSAM module is located in the right taillight area, but if you don't locate it there, the it was moved to under right middle seat.

Thank you
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