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1985 380sl , 2014 GLK
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I guess I should say first this is not a rant or anything negative about the 107 series after all I have spent more time, money and effort on my beloved 380SL than my father did on his first house....That said I guess the fun has dwindled away with every little weird problem that has kept me off the road over the years and its time has come to move on to the next owner that will love it as I once did.

No idea on pricing as yet.... I will have an appointment with the dealership in town set up by one of there 30+ year mechanics to solve the latest riddle (Wrote earlier post on brakes system and rough idle after long drives) to make sure its good to go then they have expressed interest in putting it on the dealership floor and showing it for me...anyways if anyone is interested let me know as I am in Pensacola Florida...the cars in great shape with 7 first place wins in car interior (Including burlwood) and top as well as new transmission and brakes with tires replaced 2 months ago.....

I do want Thank everyone who has been supportive with advice and ideas over the years.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts