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350SLK AMG (2005)
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Hi, this is my first post since i got mine.
all I can say is what a head turner and the AMG design makes all the difference much more agggggressive makes the car look like its worth its money.

well back to the point...i drove my car hard from 200 miles as i believe in the start as u mean to go on, averave 17-18mpg regular redlines due to not being used to how quick it revs.

Well...when i hit the 800 miles mark i noticed a massive change in the car the enine really opened up and so did the gear box (i felt 3rd was stiff before) now the car is a real animal. I dont know if its programmed into the car to limit Bhp etc until certain miles have been reached. but my car is alot more fun after 800 miles. also im getting used to the car but that wouldent explain everything.

i have now had it side ways on a few round abouts which the ESP would not allow before even when turned of.
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