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Advise/suggestions on H&R Cup kit and UPSolute chip on C230 Coupe

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I am having the UPSolute chip upgrade and H&R cup kit installed on my '02 C230 Coupe this Fri, and wanted to know if anyone had suggestions for me (tips tricks I should pass on to the tech, since this is his 1st cup install on the Coupe). I am also having them install my Porterfield pads I got from Jerry @ MyRoadster, I am anxious to report my experience with them as well. <br> <br> I promise to post pics of the car after it's chipped and dipped, thanks!<br>
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Make sure you put some anti-squeal on when you install the pads (trust me :) )
Although I will mention that my pads may have been switched at the gas station that installed them.
What do the brake pads cost? Who is doing the work?
pads:$245, instal:$40, Autosport in Auburn, WA. : What do the brake pads cost? Who is doing the work
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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