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Hi guys,

I found what looks like a beautiful 86 300SDL. The body looks very clean, as does the interior. It has 270k miles, but I'm told it had a transmission rebuild less than 100k miles ago, and the windows, sunroof and a/c all work fine.

The bad: the seller, who sounds very honest and knowledgeable, told me that it has a knock, and he thinks it's "thrown a valve". He also knows it has a #14 head, which shows he knows what he's talking about. He said he knows where to get a #22 head, but he thinks it would be the right time to just do an entire rebuild.

Problem: I live about 400 miles away from the car, and I'm here near the car only this week. I would have to make a quick decision...I could buy it, and pay to have it shipped to me; I could go look at it now, and just try to coordinate the repair here, which would be quite difficult to manage. I can buy the car as it stands for under $2k, maybe closer to $1.

Does this sound like a smart decision? I've been reading a lot about how much people love their 300SDLs, and how they are somewhat rare. but I also am skeptical of this 6 cylinder aluminum block engine -- all my mercedes diesel experience has been with the 5 cyl engines in the 300D's (the 617, right?).

thanks a lot for your thoughts...I appreciate it!
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