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Advice re: Putting a car on the road with a replaced odometer

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I bought a 190D. The seller fixed the instrument cluster for me and replaced it with a used one because the car wouldn't pass inspection to be registered here without it. The new cluster is nice and functional. But of course it is not set at 0, he just popped it in there and plugged it in.

He wrote and we both signed a letter stating that he did so.

Is there anything I need or need to prepare, do you think, to get the car on the road? I know that my state requires a VIN check, title, etc. for an out of state sale, and pretty much all of my documents will be in order EXCEPT for the fact we did not reset any mileage.

I may be ok, because most of the laws in my state don't apply to cars over 25 years old (this one turns 25 this year :)) but I just wondered if any of you, who seem to have experience with cars that have needed odometer repair in the older cars, have any advice for what I might do. I can't just stop by the sellers house as it is 2900 miles away.
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Why not just set the correct mileage on the odometer? It's not all that hard to disassemble and reset.
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