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1984 280SEL AMG
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First I'd like to say, this is a cool site. I would've never noticed it unless GOOGLE poped it
Anyway, I am the receant new owner of a 1984 280 SEL AMG Europian. It's in ruff condition. Tho it runs good. My problem is, the car came from a higher eleavation than where I live, so the engine idles at 1500 insted of 600-800 for my elevation. I need to know if their is some secrat Squerl way of getting the idle lower ( I tried the idle screw didn't work ). [:(] It's fuel injected, and can't seem to find the MAF or MAP sencors, and the O2 sencor has been butchered off with no sign of the other end of the wire.
So any advice, websites with schamatics. etc would be most helpful
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