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advice on S 500 SEL

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Hello folks.

I am thinking about buying S 500 SEL W140 '92 with 150k miles on it. It costs something like 10k euros over here. Any advice? Or MB S' class has high maintenance costs (considering S 320, S 500 or BMW 523 '96)?

ps. chicks like this car, damn it still looks good

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92 SEL

This and most of the 140s up to themid and late 90s had some issues.
1)The A/C evaporator goes bad,dash comes out, $3k with dealer assistance on some parts $5k without
2)The bose amps go bad $600
3)The door/trunk closing assist $800
4)Window regulators
At that mileage, how is the trans, suspension bushings, engine, if you can verify proper maintenance, and replacement of some of these items, it could be a good car. I have one with 80k, and would hate to get rid of. There is nothing cheap on the car, but what Mercedes is. It was the first year of intro, and loaded with options, rides very well (heavy)

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See how it drives

My 96 S500 LWB has 138,000 miles on and full main and specialist dealer history. Its cost not a penny in repairs over the 4,000 miles I've driven it and I havn't been driving slow. I did fret about the autobox ( especially coming from a Voyager where these pop at any excuse ) , but its been as solid as a rock, which is more than can be said for that excuse of a rear view mirror !

Its usually a risk buying motors like this for the money us poor people pay, but these are luxury cars and that can be the occasional 'luxury bill'.

I decided what the heck, hopefully you will as well.

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