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2004 Carrera 4S
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i'm putting a complete sound and video system into my S class.
alpine monitors in the headrests
focal speakers all around
not sure on amps yet but leaning towards JLs?
2 12' focal subs in a sealed box

I was thinking, instead of retrofitting the command center to play video, it would probably be a lot cheaper and cooler just to put monitors in the visor. What do people think?

I want everything to be hidden from the outside, so i need tints. I have 5% limo tints on my van because of the sound/video system I have in it, but it's too dark for my parents. they can't see out of the car. I was thinking Silver Tints (highly reflective)? What do people think?


attached is a picture of my van:
4 5.6' Monitors Mounted in Headrest
1 Factory Monitor in Middle
1 6.5' Monitor up Front


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