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My father passed away 3 years ago, and after some time our family has decided that nobody has the room or inclination to keep his old car. It's not in great shape cosmetically, but after some repairs (fluid levels, fuel filter and pump) it runs and drives fine at 177k miles.

Cosmetically, the paint is obviously not doing very well; there is some rust on the rear passenger fender; the front grille surround was hammered back into shape after an idle-speed collision with his truck (he did, unfortunately, have a tendency to...overindulge...and sit in his cars). The front driver's side light cluster, while all functional, is broken (the plastic surround, as well as the lenses of the amber signals). The front grille is an aftermarket part, as of yet unpainted, with all but one chrome strip present on the snapped previous iteration. The seats are intact; the wood trim is not doing well; it is, at least, comfortable.

Please see photos for details, and offer your advice on pricing and selling - should I fix more, or sell as-is? - and if you'd like to make an offer, please do. Our location is in southwest Michigan.


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Honestly it looks like a $300-400 parts car for someone that needs some of the good parts. You could spend $5k and it would only be worth $2500 at the most. Many people are donating cars like this to charities and receiving tax benefits much higher than $300 and the charity will come pick up the car.
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