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95 E320 Cabrio (just got this one)
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I have a 98 SL600 that when it rains, the ADS light comes on. The ride becomes bouncy and harsh. A few days after the rain when it dries up, the light goes off and the suspension goes back to normal.
I'm sure it has something to do with moisture creeping into a plug or something.
Has anyone had this experience?

On a side note, I have the wooden accordion cover for the cup holder that broke (and I lost the first wooden handle piece). Trying to avoid the $670 replacement cost, I fixed it by making a replacement handle and a couple of the "accordion" pieces. If anyone is interested, i can post a descripton of how I did it. Oh, it actually looks decent.

On another side note, my wind deflector is tore up. A few big holes (thanks to my ex), so I'm in the process of retro-fitting plexiglass inserts instead of the mesh. So far, it seems to be looking ok. Some minor adjustments are needed. But I haven't test driven the car with it on, so not sure how it will work out. I'll post more info after I'm done with it.

But I am interested in hearing about the ADS light and moisture if anyone has any experience with it.

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