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Adjusting SEC Driver window

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I understand the "down" adjustment, but how is the "up" limit adjusted?
Is there a tilt adjustment?
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Is the top of your window not sealing correctly when you shut the door like mine isn't? Or do you mean that the window get's cockeyed as it's rolling up?
The "Up" and "Down" and "In" and "out" limits are adjusted by several "Stops" (Let the Men take over from here Dimm). There are several, both for up and down, in or out, and they are easy to spot. "Tilt" is how much the front or back is adjusted. They are held by 10MM bolts. Now remember, when you make a tilt forward adjustment, it may throw other adj's out like the tilt in and out. With the frame-less windows in the coupe, you are adjusting in three dimensions.

In or out is done by screws at the bottom of the frame and are screw like. They adjust the outer guide rails in or out to adjust the angle. When you adjust forward to backward, be cognizant of that adjustment too. They all affect each other and when you adjust one, it can throw the others off.

Do you have the manuals? The adjustment procedure is tricky, but if you go slowly and carefully, you can do it. I have pics of my door apart and can show you what I mean. PM me if you need help and I will call you and walk you through it.

Have you taken your door apart? I think I responded to somebody's request in a thread on how to take it apart. That is tricky too, well actually taking it apart is easy, putting it back together properly is the bitch. The first time it took me two hours and it was not right at all. Now I can do it in 8 minutes.

Let me know if you need my help.
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The "Up" and "Down" and "In" and "out" limits are adjusted by several "Stops" (Let the Men take over from here Dimm).
Thanks Big Daddy! You Rock. AND Roll. All day long.
Yup, the top of the window is brought in by moving the adjusters (located at the bottom corners of the doors - threaded rods welded to the bottoms of the window frame rails with nuts on both the inside and the outside of the inside of the door under the door panel) out. Works like a charm! I can't believe I waited seven months to do this.
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