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I am asking for my mother, who is expecting delivery of a 2006 E350 with Premium package. It did not come with Xenon headlights nor Sirus, and these are two items she really wants. The car was an allocation from German to the dealership that happened to have the packages she wanted. But she neglected to check on the Xenon and Satellite Radio options.

Can the dealership do this work, and what are the costs involved? Is it impossible to make these modifications? The dealer said that the standard Halogens are just as good as the Xenons, which I highly doubt, but I figured I would ask here first.


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Non Xeons Do NOT perform Near as good as ANY Xeon Headlight
Several write ups have been done re this..its a Fact..

Yes The Car can be retro fitted with OE Factory Mercedes Xeons..Replace the Complete Headlight assy .
The Front Bumper must be removed to replace the complete Headlight assy..Then the Car MUST be Version Coded to Xeon Present Via the Mercedes Star SDS

I Have done my W203/W210/W211 all With Factory Xeons

The Sirus can be retrofitted as well..How about the Ipod mod?..
That can be added as well

For Great Prices on the Xeons and Other Factory Mercedes Items Contact Steve

Great Service and Prices!
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