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I was wondering if there isn't a way to add a transmission dipstick to the side/front of the pan? To get the correct level, all one would need to do is change the pan to the new pan, install fluid per the method originally described and then checking the new dipstick and adjusting it to get the levels correct. At least it would allow for an easy way to visually check the condition of the transmission fluid. I live in Arizona and I am sure the extreme road head helps break the fluid down here. I was thinking of using top quality stainless steel semiconductor grade fittings so there would be no leakage etc. Anybody know of a reason to NOT add a dip stick kit? Is the lower pan area "pressurized"...I don't think that it would be since the bolts are torqued to such low force.

I would love to do this and post the specs and pics. I have done articles for various vehicles that have major/chronic problems that I have owned in the past and this seems to be a BIG problem for the end users of the MB.

I am a mechanical engineer and actually an ex rocket scientist so if I do it, I will do it right...but I also know that the "collective" usually has some insight into problems that can arise. This is my first MB and I LOVE it. I was thinking about using one of those cool stainless steel braided hose kits for the transmission dip tube/stick and there is already a "vacant" bolt hole in the back of the engine block facing the fire wall across from the oil dipstick. I would want to mount the support bracket to the engine in case any "torquing" of the engine would cause a twisting effect...I want it all to move as one so there is no leaking. I'm going to start a new post for this so the more experienced MB folks can chime in. Any and all comments are welcomed.


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