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What about replacing the tank with a higher capacity tank ?

I was looking at the valves in the links, they seemed pricey and elaborate.

A consideration if going to a 2nd tank, again mentioned, are simple T-fittings and a ball cock on each tank. The return line would go to the main tank as is now. The 2 tanks would gravity feed (level). A much less chance of ripping out a fuel line off road, and no need for a fuel gauge in the secondary or sending unit.

The ball cock is a quarter turn to shut off or turn on the flow. The handle at a glance will show if its off or open as the handle shows its direction of flow.

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One big tank

I thought about a second tank when designing my body but opted to build in a big tank and mount it inside to keep it out of harms way. I also wanted to keep as much space underneath for a future winch.
No valves, no switches, no BS. The filler can be seen on the side of the body forward under the scene light. It is a bit high but I use a 6 ft. ladder when I rarely need to fuel up.
75 gallons if I recall.


21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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