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Adblue Bluetec Service Lights and Warnings

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2009 M320 Bluetec : my dealer seems to have problems adding fluid and resetting lights. I had to go back each time I had the car serviced so far. There is an Adblue Low warning and ...... there apparently is a OBD2 "Check Engine" light warning, that my handheld reader does not produce a code for (its blank) and it will not reset the light. Last time the Dealer fixed the CEL by reprogramming the computer. Odd corrective action.

I have NO IDEA how I would reset the screen "Low Adblue" message if it popped up idea how the "logic" works to make that message come on.

My question: If I add a gallon or so after about every 1000 miles, will the "logic" detect that the tank was serviced, or is this a "dumb" mileage counter- triggered light? Is there a OBD2 code associated with Adblue ?

Another stupid question: there seems to be a lot of concern about "contaminating" the Adblue fluid itself. Just how paranoid do I need to be when I handle that stuff....and understanding there is a 2 year shelf life limit....can I store unused portions of that stuff in the original container for a reasonable period of time?

Any helpful insight would be appreciated. Thx
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you have been using the correct fluid right? i had a few of my customers with diesel trucks come in and say that the Peak exhaust fluid was correctly formulated while some of the other aftermarket stuff has less urea content and was making the engine run with less power and what not.

not sure if its the same on the Bluetec or not. i do have a few customers with Sprinter vans and they buy the Peak stuff from me each week.

the system is supposed to detect low fluid and warn you, but should reset itself when it is refilled. or atleast the trucks i've delt with do, although they are american. seems rediculous that you would absolutely have to take it to the dealership to get this system reset when it has a level sensor that really should reset itself.
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