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I was wondering if anybody as ever had this issue with the ILS on an SLK (R172) from 2015. After having had a bulb replaced by my MB dealer (and authorized repair shop) a few months ago, for some reason I started getting these errors on my dashboard : Adaptive main-beam Assist inoperative , and Intelligent Lighting System Inoperative.
Also I notice the adaptive long beams that once used to shape the long-beams around the approaching traffic in the opposite sense to avoid blinding them, no longer does this job. It kind of works intermittently but lately not even intermittently… Checked the fuse and it seems ok (but there’s no specific fuse for the ILS module as far as I know)
In manual mode (with ILS switched off), the long-beams can be activated and they clearly shift up & down when activated by the indicator leaver on the side (pulled-back to activate). All bulbs seem to be functioning correctly otherwise.

This makes me wonder if some sensor is instead inoperative and the cause of these recent troubles.

The MB repair shop can’t tell wats wrong, but they did not make much of an effort as it’s no longer under warranty …

Ther is some kind of camera on the windshield that I suspect is not just a rain sensor, so it could be the ILS sensor. I know this module can be replaced but don’t have a part number for it as such and don’t know where to get one for my model (in Europe).

I’d rather fix this myself as it requires (if it’s the problem) a simple swapping in-out with a new module, and avoid the labor costs at the dealer (who was not much interested to debug the problem in the first place …)

Any suggestions what may be the problem ? Am I on the right track and what is the part number for this sensor module if anybody knows ?

Thanks in advance,

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