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Activating SIRIUS real time traffic

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Just bought a 2009 S550 that comes with real time traffic integrated in to the navigation and a 6-month free trial of the SIRIUS service.

I activated the SIRIUS audio no problem, but the traffic isn't activated. I keep getting told by SIRIUS that there are TWO ESN numbers I need to provide - one for audio service, one for traffic service. I can only find the one number that got my audio activated.

SIRIUS have the right VIN number that points to the right vehicle, they just keep asking for the second number and I have no idea what they're looking for and neither does the dealer that sold me the car.

It isn't even an issue with the free trial - they said they cannot activate the traffic service without an ESN for that radio even if I paid them (which I offered to do).

Anyone shed some light on this? I have music but no traffic :(

EDIT: OK, seems like the traffic service is through NAVTEQ over RDS, not SIRIUS (which is why we are all confused). However, still doesn't explain why I am getting no traffic ...
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Have you checked that your area FM stations broadcast traffic info? Perhaps there just was nothing to report, did you check it at busy hour?
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