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Hi Folks,

I am new memeber of this forum and found it very useful in archive searches. I have 95 S500 and with just 60K miles.

The ride has been getting bumpy over last 1 year, so I got it checked with dealer today. He says the Accumulators need replacement... which seems like the correct diagnosis based on postings here.

Also he says since power steering pump is leaking, the hydaulic system cannot hold any fluid until PS pump is repaired (also called Tandum pump). He wants to take out the pump and get it rebuilt in a machine shop with new seals/gaskets. For repairing the pump, he gave me estimate of C$1000 (I am in Toronto, the dealer is in Markham).

I can see new PS pump being sold for US$450 at web sites... so how does it make sense to repair a pump for $1000. Also it seems hydraulic reservoir is separate from PS reservoir, so why should replacing the Accumulators be related to fixing the PS leak?

Am I missing something here or the dealer is just ignorant/rip off ????

Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance...

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