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access to eyelid sockets..

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well I got the batch of LED wedge bulbs I ordered, but I am not sure how to reach the sockets.. how do you remove the plastic covers over the headlamps?
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AZN, if you do host a group buy, Im in. Your car looks sick bro. I like.. I'll post a few pics of mine soon.
What about fog light upgrades? Anyone have an idea of what kind look good? size? brand?
I didn't know they were H7s too... thanks
Will I have to worry about the whole "fog lamp out" nonsense, if I go with a new bulb?
Well, the second week after I bought my car (back in Sept 08), the driver's side fog broke, from a rock i guess.. The light still works, but it looks like shit. So, I ordered a new pair of OEM fogs, but with the HIDs on now I need to upgrade the bulbs. I have no idea what to get. Open to suggestions....
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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