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Acceleration hesistation when pedal is pushed hard.?

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My car dives smoothly with normal driving but if I drive her hard and put my foot down above about %75 of pedal travel or hit the kick down then the car hesitates, the revs go up but its if the car cant decide on a gear with not much power.

I have read different points of view and have listed them below.

# Dirty Fuel? I will try a fuel cleaner
# Fuel Filter? Not sure as if the car runs fine with normal driving ?
# Worn Plugs? (I have Denso Irridiums that have been on for about 3 years they should last for this time but will check)
# Catalyst or exhaust clogged? If clogged would this not give me hesitation on normal driving too?
# Bad MAF ? again would this not show under normal driving?

Things to note:
I have done a throttle reset (holding the foot down with key position 2 and release etc)
I also have noticed that there is a very slight lumpyness that I didn’t notice before at idle but only slight.
I have recently disconnected battery but did the full car reset etc.

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Hi Guys.

erm all seems well again now ! I just booted the car hard and it cleared?maybe dirty fuel as I have been running very low recently. I have put some fuel system cleaner in as well for good measure. So far all power and acceleration is back ! phew..
What fuel cleaner did you use just out of interest? And where from?
I have used a few but find the best one is Slick 50 Fuel System Cleaner. It both smooths the drive through acceleration and idle as well as getting the fuel sender unit to work again when it sometime starts to play up due to dirty contacts inside.
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