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Acceleration hesistation when pedal is pushed hard.?

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My car dives smoothly with normal driving but if I drive her hard and put my foot down above about %75 of pedal travel or hit the kick down then the car hesitates, the revs go up but its if the car cant decide on a gear with not much power.

I have read different points of view and have listed them below.

# Dirty Fuel? I will try a fuel cleaner
# Fuel Filter? Not sure as if the car runs fine with normal driving ?
# Worn Plugs? (I have Denso Irridiums that have been on for about 3 years they should last for this time but will check)
# Catalyst or exhaust clogged? If clogged would this not give me hesitation on normal driving too?
# Bad MAF ? again would this not show under normal driving?

Things to note:
I have done a throttle reset (holding the foot down with key position 2 and release etc)
I also have noticed that there is a very slight lumpyness that I didn’t notice before at idle but only slight.
I have recently disconnected battery but did the full car reset etc.

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What fuel cleaner did you use just out of interest? And where from?
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