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I’m still working on this issue so any help is appreciated!!
The AC in my ’91 G is not working so here are the symptoms that I have uncovered to this point.
The compressor comes on when the AC is turned on and the blower control is on level on 1, but there is no air flow through the vents. When you turn the blower to 2 or higher the compressor cuts off, but the blower starts working appropriately. The AC control knob turns the compressor on and off as it should as long as the blower control is on level 1.
I had my mechanic check the pressure in the system and he said it was fine, so that isn’t an issue like I thought it might be.
The P.O. told me that one of his mechanics informed him that a “chip” in the dash was bad?.?.? that is all the history he gave me about this issue.
At this point I’m thinking it’s got to be the blower control switch……any ideas fellas?
Can you buy just the blower control switch or do you have to buy the whole climate control panel?
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