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1988 560sl
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The scenario:

If I park in the sun and the heat of the day gets the car hot and then I drive my car, I seem to have a problem. At the start of my journey the AC is ice cold and then it suddenly cuts out, and all I have is heat coming from the vents. The car loves the "auto" setting and seems to hate the "maximum" fan setting.

I've been taking the car to a reputable mechanic, but they seem to be having problems finding my issue. I think the mechanic is having a problem because they don't understand drive it a bit and seem what happens and they are less inclined to push it (the climate control system). I'm afraid things are starting to get expensive and I still have the same problem that I did when I started all of this.

If the day is not all that hot I have cold AC all day. The AC doesn't cut out and I end up getting cold and shutting it off. So why is the outside temperature effecting my AC system so negatively? Why does parking a car in the sun effect the AC as well? To me this sounds like an electrical problem.

The following has been done so far:

1) I replaced the monovalve with a cheap ebay replacement.


2) AC Drier
3) Two AC switches
4) AC Line
5) ETR Switch (some kind of temperature control switch)
6) Plenty of freon

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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