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AC Problem, Newbie Here

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Hey Fellas, I am new to this forum, and I would like to say that I am glad I was able to find you guys, I hope to be a regular here, and I've liked what I have read so far, but I do have a question.

I recently got a 95 S500 for my wife, car came to me as a trade, this is my first Mercedes ever, so I am very pleased with the car and exited at the same time, however, the car has a little problem.

When the ac is on, I can only run it in auto, the center vents on the dash blow cold air, but the vents on the outer side of the dash (left & right) blow hot air, as well as the defrost, if I run the ac in any other mode other that auto, I can not stop the defrost from blowing hot air, for now, the side vents are shut closed and I'm only using the center vents, honestly, since I do not know much about this cars, I wanted to get rid of the car a few weeks ago, but my wife loves it and I do like to drive it too, so I would like to find a cure for it and enjoy it.

I have read about the Duo Valve going bad on this cars, however, I don't know what it looks like or where it's located at, if you guys can elaborate on it one more time, I sure would appreciate it.


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Everyone has his (her) own "truth". If it is based on own experienecs then everything is oK, but it is only another opinion. And there is several billion opinions about the same thing ....

I support your idea merc, in the same time I also understand dave. Indeed I read several years ago that Hyundai is on the top of a list where number of defects was analyzed. MB was near the bottom, but do not ask me more, because I forgot all details. Our cars are complicated machines, therefore no wonder that with increased age they are like clock-bombs. It is easy to bo on the top of the above list For Hyundai because of one simple reason:

they are not the leaders in automotive industry. they use only verified technology introduced by MB and similar companies, etc. When new technology is build into the cars, then most likely not all solutions are ok. The rest of the story is well known.
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