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ac "pop"

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i was boogying down the highway the other day and when i was stopped at a light i decided to try the a/c to cycle the bits(ive been told you should do this once a week in the winter)

when i did, i heard this pop noise, but then the light changed and i noticed the car behind me had been hit, so i just boogied on my merry way. thinking that was it.

yesterday i tried it again and it made it again!. it scared my sister shitless and she was worried the whole time that the car was going to die or explode heh drivers...

i thought after listening to it again that it sounded like the flaps changing under the dash, only it was VERY loud.

any ideas?
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Without hearing it, I can't help you. What kind of pop was it? Metallic? Plasticky? Hollow or solid?

You say it's winter there so there might be some slight freezing in the engine compartment and this popping sound could be related...[?]

The flaps on mine sound like air is hissing out, not any popping or whatever. The only popping sound is when the ACC cycles its blower speeds, but it's negligible.
ill take the microcassette recorder and make a file for you to hear if needed, i did it to test it again tonight, and my friend thought it was a flap as well

it seems to be quieter when the blower is on low and louder when its on higher.

ill do some more test cycles to make sure, but i think maybe it hasnt been used much lately, and it could just need working out.

another question would be does the air conditioning come out of the center vents? or the sides?
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