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ac issue

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No ac , good pressure on r134.
Compressor spins for about 3 seconds.
Used diagnostic but don't know what it means.
92 500 sel
Any ideas?
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Thanks, will dig in to it in the morning.
BTW great bike in your vehicle list
Ok, so how many bar should I be showing at idle ?
I have 20 then shuts off and drops to 10
20 is too high. Should be about 7 bar without the engine running and about 12-14 bar with the a/c on.Sounds like the system may be overcharged.
I tried shedding some pressure, same behaviors.
It acts like a clogged or bad expansion valve/ orifice tube.
Anyone know where it is?:banghead:
Messed around with it for 2 days, wouldn't work.
My mother in law gets in it today, ac works flawlessly.
Got to do something nice for the car when I get home
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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