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1977 300D, 1980 450SL, Genuine Buddy 125cc Scooter
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Hello Again!
One day I needed the heater, turned the dial from AC to heat and it didn't work. Even drove around for 15 minutes, giving it the benefit of the doubt. So I moved the dial back to AC and now the AC doesn't work.... AND now I have a tiny coolant leak out of the finger-sized lines protruding from the AC Control Unit that is front of the passenger wheel.

To be more descriptive, the two finger sized lines protruding from the control unit are wet all the time. The leak is so small it dries up before it reaches the ground, so I never see it on the ground, but once I open the hood I can see it. It wasn't like that until I tried to use the heater that day.
Engine doesnt run hot.

By the way, the car could use an AC charge so maybe that's why it's not cold but I dont know enough about the HVAC system here to know if something is jammed etc... So im delaying giving it a charge.

Thanks again everyone!
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