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1986 300 SDL Turbo
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Ok here's my story....
6 months ago, I took hold of a 1986 300 SDL Turbo, 150000 miles.
Wahoo I thought
Back in the summer time, I started on the AC/Oil change..Maintainence
Well the heater/ac blower didn't work.
Rebuilt blower motor
Still didn't work....
Replaced ignition switch,
Stopped working after a week!
In the mean time, rear shock punches through rear trailing arms(%*&^%^rust)
rebuilt the rear(a whole nother story w/pics to come)
So now I'm back on track and the blower don't work!
So, outtadumbness and the desire to replace every friggin piece in the car(it's personnel now)
I buy a new resistor
naw that ain't it
new CCu(Climate control Unit)
Naw that ain't it
ask every one and their brother
no direction.
Having found the answer, I realize now that it ain't money or rocket science that will yeild the answer.
But Logic......... Spock
The point is
Take a step by step approach
Make a list
and go one step at a time.
Don't be in a rush to spend the bucks:thumbsup:
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