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AC-compressor noise... Se video.

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I have a 1995 E280 (w124).
I have a a noise in my AC-compressor (I am 90% sure this "clicking noice" is from the AC-compressor).
Is this a normal failure? Can I rebiuld it, or do I have to buy a new one?
Are the cheap AC-compressors on ebay OK, or should I get an OEM (I have not checked how much they cost, but I have a fealing thay are expensive).
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Thanks for your answer!

The noise is only there when the AC is on, and when it is hot outside (when the AC-compressor is actually working - not on colder days).

I guess the quality on theese should be OK then?
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That sound may be the tensioner shock.
You mean the shock/spring that holds the long V-belt tight, right (or is there another shock related to the AC-compressor)?
...check if noise is from pulley bearing or clutch before ordering complete compressor.
To do this, I just remove the V belt and check for compressor pulley play?
Ok, thanks. I will check this!
But if I can feal any play in the pulley, I think I shold have heard the noise when the AC is off to (not only when it is on)?
It could be clutch bearing, just remove the V belt and check for compressor pulley play.
I took the belt off, could not feal any play in the pulley.
look for play in the rubber fitting in the shock.
I can not find a shock absober for my belt... I guess it is built into the tensioner (?). I can not feal any play in the tensioner either, so I do not think the noise is coming from there.
Probably internal compressor noise then..
Where I live it is rather cold now, so the compressor does not start (I can not make the noise appear now).
Is there a way I can force the AC-compressor to start, so I can troubleshoot before the weather gets hotter?
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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