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I'm trying to track down why the Compressor is not coming on. All of the Interior Switches are positioned at "Max". I've checked the Fuses 1 and 3. I've taken the Pressure Switch Wires off and jumped them together to replicate the Switch ON contact. The Freon is reading at 65 PSI so this should be enough to trigger the Switches.

SO...since the Compressor was working about three weeks ago bpth at Idle and at speed, and I could see Freon moving through the Dryer Window, I need to figure out some way to "hot wire" the Compressor so that it will turn ON long enough so I can check the other Components.

Any ides on what triggers the Compressor Clutch to engage so I can "jump" it, temporarily?

Sam ('86 190e 2.3)
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