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AC and armrest

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Hi all!<br>
I live in Portugal and have received (finally) my C220CDI Station.<br>
I have the Thermotronik AC (the digital one) and in the manual it says that inside the armrest (lower compartment) the temperature is controlled by the AC and that there is a button to disable that inside the compartment, but i can't locate the button.<br>
Other thing i noticed is that the lower compartment in the armrest has a big rubberized box that fills almost all space. If i want to put a drink there it has to be real small to fit.<br>
If someonet could post a picture of the armrest interior...<br>
Thanks for your replies.<br>
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Rubberized box in armrest

You are the lucky owner of a rear seat air conditioning booster fan. Unlike the stock rear vent, this one has a detent at the top of the adjuster wheel travel which turns on a powerful (and LOUD) fan located in that rubberized box to blast air into the rear seat. Works very well, especially when the car is hot and you need to cool down the back seat occupants quickly.

I have one of these, too, and no one at the dealer could figure out what was in the box until a mechanic popped open the access flap. It is a complete mystery why it was built into my car, and obviously you didn't order it, either. (As far as I know, you can't order it in the US.) Just a little free gift from the folks at the factory.

The only downside is that you loose the air conditioned armrest storage. Personally, I like the booster fan a lot better.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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