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My suggestion is to change the Overload Protection Relay and your ABS problem should be solved, I had the ABS light on my 93 300E so at first, I changed the ABS Relay in the unit itself and that didn't cure my problem, then I changed the OVP and my ABS problem including my Cruise Control issues were solved. The Relay was about $40 so its not a bad choice to replace it if its Origional, Best of luck, I hope I was able to solve your problem. The relay should be behind your battery under the plastic, attached to the right side of the ECU, it has a white top with a 15amp fuse in it.
Well said and the most prudent way to do before changing the sensors.

Samosali you are right there are 4 ABS sensors on 140's
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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