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I tried to find my original thread -but after several searches I can not find it:mad:

I had once posted having "gremlins" with my ABS. I had lights coming on WHILE DRIVING. Lights coming on upon starting engine (that would not go off).

And almost once a week the ABS Light would come on for no reason while simultaneously LOCKING the wheels causing me to semi-loose control around turns.

Twice - the engine cut out in the MIDDLE of an intersection while making a left hand TURN and ONCE in front of a semi!!!!

SCARY is not enough.

Well - after reading threads and getting great advice I was advised to check battery.

Battery was at 79% after testing and cells tested good. Still this seemed low.

So I replaced the battery with a new 8 year battery at Autozone. (OEM specified version).

Guess what - 2 weeks now of driving the same roads and no ABS warning light, locking of wheels etc.


MANY THANKS to whoever suggested starting at the battery - I wish I could find original post to thank you but could not. :bowdown::thumbsup:

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Our cars need between 11 to 14 volts to be happy.
On a raining day, lights, wipers, etc on, I notice some things that I didn't like....
The battery was good but after five years????

Out with the old in with the new. Haha.
Oh, I use the old battery for running my top winch. ;)

I got the same battery a few months a go. :)


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Battery you say?

I used the force on your car and got that light of!
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