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the code that came up was C1401 pump return always on . does anyone have any ideas ?Also there is an L shaped rubber vacum type conection on the engine side of the ABS pump is this a vent or a conection .I have a 98 ML320 with 48000 miles .thanks
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This Thread should help, just be sure to give the dealer your VIN, on my 99ML430 I picked up the part that Tim talked about in the post, and had to go back and get the one for 1999's before a certain time of the year, the top of the part was smaller, but no big deal, $16.21 and 30 mins, and the lights went out.

Good Luck,

And Thank you Tim for the POST,
Thanks Skinner,its worth a shot 16.00 and 30 mins sounds fair. I will keep you informed later Mattko2000
Brake switch didnt help( but it was as you said 5 min and 16.00) anyone have any ideas on where I can get info on my ABS fault code....[?]
I will try to look it up on Monday and post it here.
on my ml320 1998 it was the brake light switch for the abs ets light.
if you have any issues with the abs pump see if the abs brake works.
if not eather the pump or the module is bad.
the pump is new over a 1000.
the module can be fixed about $150.
see victor rocha abs on google search
Thanks for the info ,I will check futher and post any new info
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