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whats up fellas, can anyone help me diagnose an abs module issue. abs and esp and cruise control unavalable lights will come on and i have no speedometer or power steering. sometimes i can axcess the esp module with my scanner and clear everything and drive for a day or 2 then it will come back on. other times i cant acess the esp n30/4 to clear the codes. i have power to both front wheel speed sensors and both sensors have good resistance. i dont have the 5001 code for the abs module. im thinking its a power issue maybe a ground? does anyone have a pdf of the esp wiring? my codes are as follows
1371 communication with esp malfunction
0925 CAN signal speed at front axle from control unit esp (r) is implausible
u113c00 wheel speed signals were not received
u114100 the braking torque signal and the signal from switch Brake lights were not received
u0121 CAN communication with the traction system has a malfunction
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