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ABS & ASR Illuminate when braking?

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Was driving normal today, when all of the sudden the ASR and ABS light go on. Then I noticed I lost power steering. I turn the car off for a minute and restarted back up. both lights went off, however once i stepped on the break pedal both lights were back on. The ABS and the ASR light only lights up when i apply the breaks to go into gear. any suggestions, thank you
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Stop driving check fluids get to tecky as soon as you can..
Replace the brake light switch- simple and cheap...
Thank you for your input BENZDOC, I called several techies and they also mentioned to change the breaklight switch, I will do that tomorrow . will keep u posted with the results,., thanks
I purchased and replaced the brake switch today, such a relief that it was only a $15 problem.
Thanks for replying back.
Hi Benzdoc,

I have a 1993 600SEL, with the same problem, I start the car - no lights, I press the brake - ASR and ABS light comes on and stays on, but no other symptoms occur, the other person mentioned loss of power steering but I do not experience this. Do you think my problem is the same and will be solved as well by changing the brake light switch?

This problem happened twice with two different resolutions, one time it was the brake switch and another time it was the ASR fuse. Check your fuse first if that dont solve it go to the next easier fix which is the brake switch.
Thank you for your suggestions, do you know what fuse number the ASR is? Also, are there multiple fuses and if so where are they all located?

Thanks for your reply.
I believe its fuse number 23 under the hood, i would check that first. card ontop of the box will tell you what number it is. 23-26? check all fuses while there.
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