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ABS and BAS/ESP warning lights ON??

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Hi guys

I drive a SLK320/Auto/Tiptronics and few days ago the ABS and BAS/ESP lights came ON both together. Obviously the ABS doesnt work now so as ESP ( Traction control) but i noticed that the gearbox sometimes locks in 1 gear and stays there. I have to stop, turn the car off and try starting the engine again few times to get the gearbox to function properly. And is getting worse now.

I read somewhere that if the Battery voltage drops under 10V, you get the same problems and gearbox would do funny things as well. specially because it has been a very cold days for the past few days maybe???

Just wanted to know if any of you have experienced anything like this beofre.

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If you suspect it may be the battery just take it to Pepboys or Autozone and they will test it for free. If you do have to replace the battery take the opportunity to get a lightweight battery.
i live in UK, have to pay for everything, even a battery test! Why lightweightbattery???
I took the car to Mercedes garage and found out its the Speed sensor on the Near side rear wheel causing the warning lights to come on. They want to do a water check on the car as well to see if water caused it.
VERY interesting. I have a 2003 SLK230 that I have had from new and it has had 5 rear wheel sensors in its short lifetime ! Recently the ABS/BAS/ESP lights have been on more than off. To cut a really long story short the car ended up being with the dealer for 4 weeks whist they attempted to fix it. They kept changing wheel sensors and within hours it failed again. They also thought (and I saw) that there was water ingress into the rubber connectors where the sensor wires go up into the boot through the floorpan.
After finally losing my rag with the dealer, offering to go help them fix it, and telling them that I did not want the car back unless they changed the ABS/BAS?ESP controller card rather than prat about changing wheel sensors (which were obviously not the problem) - they had a Mercedes Support guy down from head office in Milton Keynes and he agreed that they could change the controller.
I have now had the car back for 2 weeks and 1500 miles later all is still well.
My advice to you is that if they fix your car and it fails again - don't let them keep changing the sensors. The trouble is that the fault code that they get on their diagnostic computer says faulty wheel sensor but this can mean that the sensor is fine and sending data to the controller but if the controller is duff then the readout still says duff sensor.

If the water gets in then it seems to do more damage.

Good luck, Les
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Hey Koosha
Where in UK are you ? I can recommend a very good MB workshop. They are not a dealer, but all MB trained and qualified, and also have a support guy from MK that helps them. They will get to the bottom of the problem, not just go and replace parts for the sake of it. Workshop is based in Middlesex.
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