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190E 2.3-16
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Right, so it's reaching an advanced stage but there's a couple of niggles. Good car with 79K on the clock, tight to drive, decent amount of history.

But. ESP/ABS warning light comes on "intermittently" and apparently has been traced to a faulty sensor at the rear of the car. I'm told this costs £900 to replace. Seller assures me he'll have this sorted out before he sells the car but I don't know if he's aware of the cost of the part and need to be sure he's done it. Obviously will ask for a receipt...

Anyone aware of this fault or had anything similar? I'm aware that AMG ownership carries with it the possibility of big bills and, clearly, want to reduce the risks of this happening.

Advice on any other issues to look out for would be very gratefully received... Great car though, hope it works out! [:)]

Edited to say: been through and seen the warnings about the transmission so will have a listen when I go back for another look. Any particular check on the front ball joint issue? Felt tight on the test drive... FWIW, it's a 1999 car.
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