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About adding option/s to my car...

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I ordered my C200K in Australia, and its not due for production until mid July. I wanted to add the leather upholstery option to my car (this option is only standard on the C320 here), but my dealer told me it could be too late. He is on a Mercedes course at this moment and wont be able to find out for me at least until next Monday.<br><br>
Anyone here ever encounter similar problem of trying to add option/s a month before production? Thank you<br><br>
Danny <br><br>
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I changed the color option and about a month before and the dealer told me that if I had waited few more days, it would have been too late for him to make changes. <br> All options in the computer, along with the dates. If he does make a change, ask for a print out so you have a copy of that. The options are coded, but the dealer will be able to explain what each means.
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