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ABC Problem...again (MB says its normal) BS!!!

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about 12 months ago I had my ABC pump and lines replaced (warrenty ran out and was very costly) and now the grinding sound that I had before the last pump died is back! and also when I park the car for even an hour my front passenger wheel is dropped to the ground. If I raise the car and then drop to normal it levels out. My question is this.. Iknow the dealership is trying to get out of replacing my pump again so I would like some ammunition for my argument when I go back to the dealership. Has anyone else had this problem where they say it's normal? I had the car for 5 years and I know the pump doesnt make that sound and I would remember if the car drops that much after an hour. It's BS! I can tell the performance is greatly affected as well, I used to be able to do 50 mph on the on cornering on ramp with no problems now if I try that speed It feels unsafe like the car is having a hard time cornering.

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No, it's not normal. None of it should be occuring. I've had mine replaced 3 times in the last 6 months. I had to pay for the first one and the dealership replaced the other two.

It's a good possibility they did not flush the system properly. That will grenade a pump sooner than later.
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