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Somewhere on the net, I found a method, with method it is possible to get out ALL of ABC oil from struts, despite of the home DIY made button pressing method, where a big amount of old oil remain in the strut, and just "dilutes".
Has anyone tried this?
What happens when I carefully open the bleeding screws under pressure?
I'm afraid of trying it, but it would be great if it works.

Here it is: P-B-32.50/34e

Step 3-5. is interesting..

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The best way to flush the ABC system in order to replace old fluid and get rid of "dirt" is to hook up a star diagnosis computer and run the rodeo test.
During the test cycle you let all the fluid coming in the return line go to waste and keep filling the reservoir with fresh fluid.
It is important to keep up the pooring of fresh fluid as the level goes down real quick, and you dont want air to get in to the system.
Recomendations are to keep up the rinsing/flushing until you have added about 5 litres (5-6 qt.) of fresh fluid.
After that replace the filter and you are good to go.

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