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2021 A45s AMG
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I recently took my 2021 A45s AMG in for its second service (B Service) and have now come across a malfunction with the display style menu on the dashboard.
Firstly, it seems to be showing the A180/250 Class car model on the screen upon start up - used to show the A45 model. Then, when I change the display style to "Super Sport", which was the original display style prior to the service, it throws a malfunction on the main steering wheel screen and doesn't seem to show the correct layout. I've included a video to help explain what I'm seeing. Display Error

Just curious to see if anyone has experienced this before and what they did to rectify? I spoke to the dealer and they said it may correct itself over time or suggested to reset the MBUX system (which didn't work).
My initial thought was that the A180/250 model update was used instead of the A45 one but not sure if the software updates work that way haha?? I then thought maybe its a bug in the new software update??

My system is also updated to apilevel/ntg6/080 if that helps.

Thanks in advance! :)
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