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Hello guys! Merry Christmas!

im looking out to increase a bit the HP of my w176 a200. I have already done all the regular mods, intake, exhaust mods, downpipe, ecu tune etc… and im not looking out to replace my car.

I’ve seen a few guys replace the stock turbo for the turbo of an A250, considering is the same m270 engine, but the cylinder on the a250 is 1.8cm larger for extra 400cc

the question is:

i know the A200 has an IHI AL0067 turbo, and that the a250 has an AL0069.

Is there any real difference between these two turbos? Housing? Cartridge (billet)?

and if so, could i put the billet of the AL0069 on my stock AL0067 for the extra power?

(i have already considered all the posibilities and risks, like cooling temperatures and all that, so really just need to understand the differences between these to turbos)

thanks in advance and happy new year!
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