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I've got a 2000 Mercedes A190.
It's been having trouble starting for the last month. - It's not all the time but it seems to be random when it does and doesn't work.

I've checked voltage at the starter under cranking with the key and reads near battery voltage. (Red lead on the multi-meter on Purple and white wire by the positive terminal and the black lead on battery earth. - Key on crank position.)

It's a semi auto transmission and I have been told it cold be the "starter inhibitor switch", I've tried to locate this and I believe I have, but I'm unsure. - When I remove the gearstick and gaiter, there is what looks like a cylindrical black item, connected to the gearstick via a little black shaft. And on the cylinder, there is a 3 wire connector. I'm unsure if this is the item I'm supposed to be looking at, regardless if that 3 wire connector is connected, the dash still shows which gear I am in, it reads neutral when in neutral and vice versa. - If I were to check those3 pin connections, am I right in going in red wire at each point and black on battery earth with my multimeter to check resistance?

Any help would be great.

I'm also assuming it isn't a relay as battery voltage is going to the starter? - Also there is no solenoid clicking, but I have read this is normal for this class of Mercedes?

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