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I have a C200K sport yr 2001 and also have BAS ABS warning identified by my local garage as offside rear sensor but when they fitted one the fault did not clear but they found that there is a rear module A0025428918Q04 in the boot behind the seat in its own well and it had in fact been a well because it had slight water ingress but not so bad inside that would indicate a definite fault.
This module although not controlling the ABS, the sensor does go through it as a kind of interface. Also some petrol measuring takes place and YAW sensor so both back wheel outputs are compared in here and the resultant decides if the car is in a spin or not. It also is described as a mass air flow meter.
Mercedes Dealer quoted £388 +V for a new module, not sure what to do now.
ABS not working but still allows me to drive the car. MOT will fail this in UK
Any scrappers out there? The module is about 4" x 3" x 1" with mounting lugs.
I need to know if this is faulty. I am an electronics engineer but the construction of the contents of this module is such that removing the layered PCB may damage it and leave me stranded.
Reading other posts it does appear that there may be YAW sensors at the front under the console as well as the one in the back i.e. for the rear wheels.
Any ideas?
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